Dr. Damon T. K. Choy - OnCare Cancer Center Doctors

Dr. Damon Choy, MBBS (Sydney), DMRT (London), FRCR Clinical Oncology (UK), FHKAM (Radiology), FHKCR (Clinical Oncology & Palliative Medicine), Specialist in Clinical Oncology

Dr. Damon Choy is a Specialist in Clinical Oncology. He graduated M.B.,B.S in Sydney University in 1968 and attained DMRT(London) in 1973. Upon his graduation, he received training in Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Tsan Yuk Hospital respectively. Later in 1969, he was appointed as Medical Officer by the Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology of Queen Mary Hospital, where he had dedicated his entire career of over 30 years. At present, Dr. Choy is our Resident Consultant.

Dr. Choy became a Fellow of the RCR(UK) in 1978, HKCR(Clinical Oncology) in 1992 and HKAM (Clinical Oncology) in 1993. In addition to clinical practice, he is also devoted in conducting medical researches. His essays were published by many authoritative medical journals. Over the years, he was invited to participate in different seminars and meetings around the world to share his sophisticated medical knowledge and experience. In the past, he chaired the Hong Kong Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology and was appointed as Hon. Clinical Professor of the Department of Radiation Oncology by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong. Currently, he’s the Member of the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society and the Hong Kong Society of Cancer Chemotherapy.


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